SGC La Liberté

2015, Médoc
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"A Major evolution in the wine industry", 
Gerard BASSET, OBE, MS, MW, MBA, World champion Sommelier
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SGC La Liberté

SGC La Liberté, is the latest wine offering from SGC, its first wine to be made available to the public. Enveloped in the spirit of freedom, it represents the epitome of SGC’s mission to redefine global wine ranking, beginning on the hallowed grounds of Bordeaux.

La Liberté symbolizes breaking free of the classical 1855 Bordeaux ranking, complimenting it with a new scientific one based on soil grading.

The first La Liberté is a 2015 Medoc, a tribute to the most beautiful terroir on the left bank.

Dense, full bodied, deep ruby red, graphite, the black currants are in harmony with the cocoa, with delicate roses, an invitation to taste the tertiary notes of this grand vin. An exceptional vintage with great character, the grapes having been preserved by the water- logging winter rains that allowed the grapes and vines to withstand the heat of summer. Delicious to enjoy today or in 30 years...

Great things can be expressed in a single, poignant word, freedom, La Liberté. The motto for all that SGC stands for in unleashing the secrets of natures bounty.